Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Virtual Trail Ride

Well thanks to Kate I would like to invite everyone on a virtual trail ride with Sam and I!

You all know Sam - very friendly fellow and we would love to have some company on our rides!
Today we will take you on a short trail ride on some of the Bridle Paths we have around his paddocks. Mount Up and lets go!!!! Down the driveway and turn right because it is the quickest way to get off the road and the quieter way. Past our paddocks

and our first adventure will be the bitumen bridge crossing.

Long way down!

Past the minature ponies who will sometimes gallop around all our ponies will probably look at them with wide eyes! Past the noisey dog and we will then turn left onto the beginning of the bridle path.

Here we can go for a trot and look at the two little Brahman bulls in the paddock on the right. Sometimes they will come for a trot with us. Sam will look after us, he loves cows! At the end we have a choice left or right. Right will take us out onto the road and then over to another bridle path that will take us through to a quiet dirt road. Today we will turn left.

Past the two oldies on the right. They won't bother us, happy to stand quietly under the trees day dreaming. A little further on we will pass a paddock full of Arabs. These guys love to run and will probably snort and carry on a bit. We can trot down here or even if you are up to it a canter. Keep an eye out for little Kangaroos, they are every where!

Next will be a gully crossing. Sam and I usually turn around here - mum is too scared to do the crossing just yet but we are working our way up to it!

This heading home back the way we just came.

This is a short little ride but a lovely walk with things still to look at and it gets us out and about. The next picture is us nearly home again coming up to the paddocks

Once we get home you can watch Sam stick is tongue out

And then suck his tongue for a while -

We can let the horses have a pick for a while and we can sit back and relax, watching them while having a cool drink! Hope you can join us again sometime!!!!!!! Sam and I loved having you!


Marissa said...

I love it! Makes me miss Australia! I really wish I had gotten to do some riding while I was there. (And Sam must think he's pretty funny sticking his tongue out at us).

Kate said...

Thanks for the ride! Sam would have to protect us from the horse-eating kangaroos! I know there are different sizes of kangaroos - you only have the small ones?

Nina said...

We have a lot of kangaroos around us in Townsville. We have smaller grey ones - standing about 1m where Sam is at the moment but the place I did have him at last year had big ones - standing up to about 2m. We don't have the big red kangaroos around here there are further out west and they really are big ones! The kangaroos keep out of your way and hop away pretty quick. I used to have a family of kangaroos that lived in Sam's old paddock and they would let us get reasonably close - about 10 - 15m when they were relaxing.

The horses are used to them as they race through their paddocks all the time. It when they come jumping out of the scrub with no warning that they can give you a fright!

Glad you enjoyed our ride!!!!! If you ever make it over to Australia let me know!!!!