Friday, July 3, 2009

Sam goes to the Vet - Mum overacts!!!!!

Sorry about the lack of posts but it has been a hectic week. Yesterday Sam went to the vets. On Monday afternoon when I went out to ride I found a small amount of swelling above his fetlock. (Jackie - a mare a used to own - suffered from a lot of ligament and tendon issues) I had a mild panic attack but he wasn't sore when I touched it nor was he lame when I trotted him out nor did he have any heat. I put a poultice on it anyway just in case. Tuesday it was still there. I ice bandaged the area twice a day until Thursday morning when I was able to get him in to see Brad. Brad is awesome with lameness, reproduction and weird things with horses.

He has a sprained ankle. This is what is wrong with Sam in words I understand. He has damaged the tendon sheath slightly which has allowed a small amount of blood to enter - hence the swelling. The swelling may never go away or it may go away in a few months.

I was so nervous on Thursday morning I was physically ill before I left to go to the paddock. I have never been like that before so it was very weird. I think I had googled what it could have been too much and got myself so worked up! I always self diagnose the worst case scenario! Sam also loaded very well. He started to show tenseness when led to ward the float, two little rears and on he went. Scott was there to do up the back bum bar for me when I asked. When we loaded at the vets similar. 4min both times from go to finish. I guess the work has been working but we aren't quite there yet!

I am able to work Sam and just monitor how he goes. I worked him lightly this morning so I will ride again on the weekend and see how we go!


Anonymous said...

Glad it isn't worse - it's amazing what horses can do to themselves! My mare has a swollen L hind right now - she's sound but it's sore to the touch and there's some heat - I'm not sure if it's internal or just a dermatitis thing - she has scratches right now and sometimes that will cause leg swelling.

Nina said...

I hope your mare is ok. Horses - the amount of time I spend worrying about them is amazing!!!! Too cold, too hot, enough to eat, too much to eat, the right nutrition, his mental state, his physical state, it just never ends!!!!!