Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A sound pony and the big move!!!!!!

Sam has had a week off with turn out time being slowly increased. All looks good! I rode on Sunday afternoon and he was sound during the ride and yesterday so I believe all is healed. When I rode on Sunday I did some work in the round yard first and then we headed out to the large riding area. This time I rode in a halter only out in the large riding area. This is something I have wanted to achieve since having Sam at this agistment place. Now that he is so responsive to moving off your leg I feel I have more control about where we are going. We walk, trot and canted around all smooth, rhythmical, controlled, just lovely. I was also able to ask for him to come back to a halt from the canter using only my seat!!!!! How awesome is that! OK it wasn't in like 3 strides more like 10 but it is a start! It was a lovely last ride to have. I think Sam enjoyed it as well. Ears forward and I didn't notice any teeth grinding at all!

The big move happens today. We set up Sam's yard at the our new place on the weekend with electric tape and today the removalists take all our furniture out there and unpack for us. When they finish packing up I will go and load up Sam with Jodi's help and then head out. Scott is already out there today as he is helping to concrete my tack/feed shed!!!!!!! It should be ready to use on Friday/Saturday. I am planning on having the house unpacked by tomorrow sometime as I have to go back to work on Thursday.

Annette who I work with on the odd Saturday has offered me a horse to help keep Sam company until we find Scott a horse of his own.

All very exciting!!!!!!!!!!! When we are set up I will take photos to show you all our new home and Sam's new home!

http://www.farpoint.com.au/ This is who I am thinking to get to build my stables. I would be looking at the double shelter, I don't need to 'stable' them, that part is only really if I have an injury but I would like somewhere for them to get out of the weather. I think it should be big enough for two horses to fit in comfortably with room to move. I am going to get a quote for a 8m x 4m one as well. I was thinking 10m x 5m which would give me 5m x 5m stable but I think it may be a little too large. Too many choices!!!!!!! I would like to have them up by the end of June if possible!

I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Very exciting! Pictures when you have a moment!