Friday, May 7, 2010


I think it is looking a little better. This morning when I went to hose off the poultice I couldn't find any heat. After I hose the poultice off I ice bandage it for 20min. When I take the bandage off that is when I can feel the heat. It seems to be on the outside of the joint and a little on the inside. It was the same tonight.

I have made a booking with the vet for Monday. I will float him into the UNI so we can have x-rays and see what they think. By that stage if it still isn't better that has been 6 days so I think it would have been long enough.

Front View

Back ViewWith the poultice on

Just a content little face eating breakfast. I think he was telling me to leave him alone and to let him eat in peace!!!!!!


Shannon said...

Good luck at the vet! Hopefully it's just a little strain. He certainly looks happy and content munching on his hay!

Kate said...

Not terrible but probably worth having the vet look at - looks like a soft tissue injury but x-rays are not a bad idea to rule things out. Good luck!