Wednesday, May 19, 2010

We're In!!!!

WE'RE IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday morning after the removalists had finished packing up our house I headed out to get Sam. I let him out for a pick while I finished packing the car, hooking the float up and cleaned his paddock. Jodi was going to come and help me load but I thought I would give it a go myself. I got everything ready caught Sam and headed over to the float. He walked straight in, stood a moment and then backed out. I asked him walk up again and up he went he stood still while I fumbled around with the rump bar. Once I got that done up Sam was still standing quietly so I put the ramp up, tied him up in the front and hit the road!

The trip was uneventful - which is a good thing. I was even relaxed enough to stop and pick up a loaf of bread on the way! When we arrived Sam unloaded splendidly. He stood still until I asked him to back out and he backed out slowly. I was so proud of him! He calmly took in his new surrounds and I took him around to the back paddock. It is about 2.5 acres where I let him go to explore and munch. He wandered around at a walk for a bit before he started to call out and trot and canter. Not much I could do but let him settled down himself. He soon semi settled but wouldn't stop walking around the paddock. Dinner time he did eat all his dinner and I locked him up in a smaller yard for the night. In the morning I let him back out and he started the walking around again.

A friend from work bought over one of her horses to keep Sam company so we now have Gull or also known as Mr Stumpy. He is a 15.3hh, 16yo Thoroughbred gelding. He seems like a friendly fellow and the meeting of Gull and Sam was also uneventful. Gull has settled in well and Sam follows him around like a bad smell. Gull is the boss, already pushing Sam away from his feed. We will just have to feel them separately but that's ok.

I am having trouble posting pictures so as soon as I can I will post pictures of Gull, Sam checking out his new digs and the cottage!


Anonymous said...

Great to have that all accomplished - you must be relieved and delighted!

Shannon said...

Congratulations! How exciting! I can't wait to see pictures.