Monday, May 10, 2010

I think we are ok

I think we are ok but tomorrow morning will really tell. The fetlock was still down this morning so I popped him on the lunge and he was sound. I can type that now but this morning I was looking at his fetlock and I just wasn't sure if it was slightly swollen or if I was seeing things! You know when you have looked at something that much you just aren't sure anymore! On the lunge at first I was sure he was fine and then I started to second guess myself. I figured he was probably fine and I was just over reacting.

This afternoon I decided to take Sam out for a quiet hack around the riding paddock. My plan was to just walk but Sam had other ideas. Poor bugger was a little hypo after having over a week off with no turn out time. Once again I could feel him holding himself back. I let him have a bit of a trot and canter. He was rushing and a little spooky but still easy to control and bring back to walk when I wanted. We will see what the fetlock looks like in the morning!

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Kate said...

If he's OK after a bit of exercise, he probably just tweaked something - keeping fingers crossed!