Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Poor Sam

Poor Sam. He had a lovely time being turned out during the day on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I ended up being called into work on Monday so my OH had to bring Sam in and feed him for me Monday night. Tuesday morning I get to the paddock and Sam's offside hind fetlock is huge! Some heat but not sore to touch, poke and prod. I ice bandaged it and went back out at lunch time to do it again. When I went back out in the afternoon to feed up and it was nearly down. I had run out of coolant for my ice bandages so I just rubbed some rapigel into it thinking that it would probably be down by the next morning. I trotted him out and he trotted out sound.

This morning it was huge again. I rubbed more rapigel into it. Tonight I iced bandaged and then wrapped it up for the night. Hopefully it will be a little smaller in the morning.

He is such a silly billy!!!!! At least it really doesn't seem sore.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes a minor scrape or cut can cause that - watch for signs of heat which can mean an infection is brewing - if he's sound it's probably not a strain.