Sunday, May 2, 2010

My little Pony, I love my little Pony!

So much has been happening! Last week I was away all week for work so I decided to take the opportunity of getting my instructor to ride Sam while I was away. Jane only rode him three times but oh boy the difference is amazing!!!! He is now so rhythmical, even, light, forward, AWESOME! I had a lesson last Monday and we even did walk canter transitions!!!!! We asked him for this but tightening my outside butt cheek then pressure with the outside thigh and then a bump with the outside leg. We weren't too concerned about where his head was we just worked on him going forward off the aids. It was amazing!

I wasn't able to ride during the week because I went to ride on Wednesday afternoon and he was slightly uneven. Low amount of heat on the nearside fore so I ice bandaged and did it again Thursday morning and night. He seemed fine so on Friday I let him out into the large turnout paddock for a few hours. Saturday I turned him out again and when I went to catch him he decided that they all needed some exercise so took everyone for a gallop around the perimeter of the paddock twice. Keep in mind this paddock is about 30acres!!!!! I didn't think he was fit but I found out just how UNFIT he really is. He was breathing heavy for a good twenty minutes after that!

I saddled him up and headed out onto the road to meet Jane, my instructor for a road ride. The track we took is about an hours ride of a mixture of walking, trotting and a little canter. Sam was extremely well behaved. Jane's horse was being a little naughty so Sam would stop and wait and not batter an eyelid until we were ready to go again. Even when she trotted and cantered off in front of us he stayed at a walk unless he was asked to catch up. I was really impressed with that.

The property we were looking at is all going ahead. We settle in about a week and a half and move in, in two weeks!!!!!!! We are so excited! I have a few decisions to make. I have a dressage comp that I would like to do the Sunday after we move in. At the moment I do not have a companion for Sam. Options -
1) Do I move Sam when we move so he is at the new place by himself and then we do our first ever competition together on the Sunday. (I thinking of the stress levels of both of us)
2) Do I leave Sam where he is do the competition and then bring him home to the new place?
3) Not do the competition at all because I will find the week mentally very challenging - I have to work as well full time.

Please cancel all of the above - I have just looked at the entry form online and I have missed the closing date!!!! Wow you really have to enter early down here. Well that certainly makes my life easier - Sam will move with us!

OK next decision that needs to be made. There is a family where I keep Sam now who are having some financial problems. They would love it if their pony could come and live with us. I wouldn't charge agistment and they have offered to help around the place in lou of paying agistment but they would supply all his feed, rugs, farrier care, vet care etc. They are very good owners and love their pony very much. They get the farrier out every 5 weeks, worming is done on time and the pony wants for nothing. He is an easy going pony who seems to get along well with others - if anything I think he would be at the bottom of the pecking order.

Pros - Sam would have company
He wouldn't cost me any money
Cons - Another horse eating my pasture
His owners would come out every weekend

We do get along with his owners but we were hoping to have our new place all to ourselves for the first few months - does that make sense? I also don't know how long he could stay with us - I would like to get another horse for me but one that other people could ride as well. So many choices to make!!!!! I will have to have a think.

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