Thursday, May 20, 2010

Some more pictures!!!!!

This is Scott and Jack sitting on the back steps of our new home enjoying the morning sun!

Sam having a munch back at the agistment place

I am no good at pulling manes and this is the awful job I did to Sam's mane!!!!! Lucky I have a lovely friend - Jodi who will try and fix it!!!!!!!


Kate said...

So nice to see your new place - with Sam! - thanks for the pictures!

Shannon said...

Beautiful! I absolutely have to get to Australia one of these days. It's so gorgeous. Enjoy your new place.

I gave up on pulling manes years ago, now I just cut them and then use thinning shears to make it look like I pulled it. Much quicker and easier!

Marissa said...

Such great pictures! All of your men are the picture of contentment!