Saturday, June 5, 2010

A quick lovely ride, keeping the good ones

Wow what a week. We are having our half yearly sale at work this month so I have been working some big hours so poor ol' Sam has once again been on the back burner. The ground is finally drying out so I was able to try riding in the front paddock. The ground was quite good, firm but with give but a little slippery in parts. It was really cold here today, the heavy fog didn't lift until about 12.30pm and then we had a chilly southerly blowing around. I pulled Sam out of the paddock, gave him a groom and hoped on board. He was a little looky today so I walked him around so he could have a look. He worked reasonably well, forward but happy to listen and come back. A little tense to begin with but soon he started to reach down in all three gaits. I didn't work him for long due to his fitness and lack of work recently. I also didn't get to ride until 4pm and with his thick coat I didn't want him to work up a sweat.

Sam enjoys being ridden I think. He also enjoys getting out and about. Hopefully I will get a chance tomorrow to take him out across the road into the reserve and let him stretch his legs a bit.

You know what I really appreciate, good horse professionals. I rang my farrier during the week to book an appointment. We had tentivately booked in Monday because he also works at the local saleyards and wasn't sure what time he was going to finish on Monday, I rang yesterday to try and reorganise because I now have to work Monday (it is usually my day off) he was going to see what he could figure out and give me a call back. I hadn't heard but wasn't concerned, I would call back on Monday to see what we were going to do. This morning Scott and I went into town for some breakfast and to run a few errands. When we got home we let Jack out of his run and he ran straight over to one of the gates that leads into the back paddock, sniffing around and started to eat something. We went over to investigate what he was eating and it was hoof. There was fresh poo as well. I was puzzled, I went to check the horses wondering if the owner of Gull had been out while we were in town and trimmed his hooves without letting us know. Nope Sam had been re shod. My wonderful farrier couldn't find my number so thought he would head out to see if he could find the place. Found it, caught Sam, shod him, put him back. I was just so thankful. Keep in mind where we have moved to is 30km out of town. Also it would have been a good 5 weeks ago I bumped into him and told him about our new place!!!! I just couldn't say Thank you enough when I rang him.

I find it hard to find good professionals that you can trust but when you do find them look after them, treat them well, try and be prepared so when they turn up they don't have to wait for you, be respectful and I find in turn they will do their best for you.

Have fun with your ponies!!!!!

If tomorrow is fine I promise to go around and take some photos!

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