Sunday, June 20, 2010

Not such a good pony

Poor Sam struggled to behave himself today. He hasn't been worked since last Sunday and he did get locked up for two days this week due to the weather so I was expecting some forwardness but he has always contained himself in the past. Today I popped him on the lunge first so he could have a buck and just help get the sillies out. He didn't show too much so I figured he must have had a gallop around his paddock at some stage today. I mounted and we went straight over the road to the reserve. It is so slippery everywhere due to the weather but I figured we may have been able to have a trot around the tracks. Even getting across the road was an effort. Monsters were out and about this afternoon so we had to take our time.

Monsters where everywhere!!!!! We couldn't even trot out happily down the track like we normally do. I tried to get his focus by doing a few figures of eights, moving off my leg extra at the trot but that just made things worse. He would either stick his head in the air or speed up or put his head down touch the bit and then act as if I had jabbed him really hard with the bit. I ended up just walking and asking him to really bend around my leg, moving off my leg, moving hindquarters, moving shoulders. By this time it was getting late so I couldn't try trot work again but we ended on a good note. I am not working tomorrow, hopefully it is a beautiful day and we will have another go. I am sure he will be a lot better.

Yesterday a friend came around and bought his two little girls with him. Of course they wanted a pony ride and Sam was happy to help. (I am not a fan of children riding without helmets and I would have preferred to have them in a saddle but I just didn't have anything small enough!) Sam did receive a lot of licorice after his hard work!!!!!

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