Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Photos as promised!

This is the front of the house
Looking down the left hand side of the house

One of the most important pictures - my tack/feed shed!
This is what I call the 'sacrifice' area. The horses come in here at night and have to come in here during the day for a drink. The shelter will be going on the left.

This little area will be turned into my wash bay/tack up area. It will be concreted, a roof put over the top and steel rails put around. That is the sacrifice area in the background.
Just a photo I took this afternoon of our ride out in the reserve across the road.
This is also in the reserve. When I ride through here I feel like I am riding up in the Australian High Country.

I will have more photos soon for my temporary arena and some more of Sam!!!!


Marissa said...

Looks wonderful! It must be so great to have Sam at home.

Anonymous said...

Very exciting - and to have him right there!

Shannon said...

Beautiful! It looks just like the movies. Glad your move has gone smoothly and you're enjoying your new place!