Thursday, April 2, 2009

Will we be ready?

I rode Sam on Tuesday and this afternoon. Of course he was wonderful both times that is just Sam - until I actually ask for some work - then it all falls apart. Sam becomes lazy and tries very hard to fall through the shoulders, slow down in the gait or break into the lower gait. Entries close tomorrow for the dressage day and I am still tossing up whether or not to compete. It is only a walk - trot test and I think I should be able get him working reasonably well in two and half weeks but is it too soon? Should I just wait till the next one?

He did work better this afternoon. I started off in the halter today. He is so much more relaxed in his halter so I thought I would warm up that way for a change. He was happy to walk, trot and canter around and happy to change up and down through the gaits. We did this for about 15min and then I put his bridle on. He did work better than on Tuesday but really it was only the third ride today so I shouldn't judge too much!

If I can get out to the ladies house with the money tomorrow I will do it otherwise I guess I will wait until the next one.

I have Sam's new diet - I just have to buy everything and we can start. It is an all natural diet so hopefully he will do really well on it. Hopefully it will really help his hooves as well. I am a bit excited with the fact that my horse is finally going to have no processed feed.

Lew the farrier came out yesterday which was awesome. He was booked for tomorrow so it was great that he could make it earlier. He was surprised how good Sam's hooves were which is great news. I guess that means maybe the herbs are finally really working!!!!! Lew is a lot happier that I have moved Sam, not only because he is closer but because Sam is in a better paddock now for his hooves.

I will let you know tomorrow if I am competing or not!!!!!!!

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