Monday, April 13, 2009

Bloody Rain!!!!!!!

I know I shouldn't complain but I am sick of the rain!!!!! It is just enough to make the riding area unusable. We don't want to chop it up and I don't want to take him straight out onto the road so I am hand walking him every afternoon. This afternoon we went for about a 4km walk. I think he enjoys getting out and about and seeing new things. We went for a trot and also stopped and ate grass!

Yesterday afternoon I gave him a really good groom and trimmed around his head so he is starting to look a bit better. We have the Ron Paterson clinic in two weeks and I would like him looking good for that. I really want it to stop raining so I can get a little more fitness into him before the clinic because I can imagine we are going to be worked hard!

Because of the rain I have had the time to spend on the computer and I have down loaded a video onto you tube of Sam and I. The first one I have downloaded is of Sam in halter only. I compared it to the video we took of Sam when we were looking at buying him. His movement has really improved. He is more flowing in all gaits. I was very surprised. Now he even reaches down sometimes instead of throwing his head up in the air. I will download the other video of him in a bridle soon but for now

I hope the link works!!!!!!

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