Sunday, April 5, 2009

Have I told you lately that I love my pony!!!!!

I love my pony! He really is the bees knees!!!!!! :) I rode him Saturday arvo and hubby taped it for me. I will hopefully sort it out soon and post it on utube for you. I warmed him up in his halter again. I think he enjoys this and appreciates it! I then put his bridle on and did a little flat work. His right canter is not very good. It feels almost 4 beats. I am wondering if something is out through his back or shoulder. Hubby thinks he looks good and can see improvement with his education. He isn't tossing his head up in air anymore - he stretches out and down now instead. I like it when hubby comes out and watches because he is a good judge of soundness and improvement.

Sam looks quite sound on the video - occasionally he steps short but I think he is feeling good at the moment. I look terrible but at least I know what to work on - sit straight, shoulders back and shorten my rein!

I took Sam for a walk around the block this afternoon. I like to do this every now and again - we just go for a walk. He enjoyed getting out and seeing all the new sights. He was very brave - we walked over a bridge. It is solid with bitumen but you can see over the sides to the creek below. Passing over it Sam had a good look and snort and on the way back he couldn't care less. Even stopped halfway across to try and eat a bit of grass that was growing on it! He really enjoyed watching the little Shetlands down the road and there was a little foal so it was cute to see that. I wonder if he misses Scout from his old agistment place. They weren't paddocked together but I would always tie him up to Scouts yard so they could play. Scout would pull at his halter and nip him on the legs. Sam loved it!

They chainsawed some of the branches off the big tree just outside Sams paddock today. I was told that they had to shoo him away becuase his was stretching his nose out and getting in the way of the chainsaw!!!!!!! Silly Sam. I am so lucky to have such a quiet horse!!!!!!!

One of the other ladies that is agisting where I am keeps asking me when I am going to sell him - NEVER!!!!!!!! I knew when I bought Sam that he would be with us till the end! He will be! HE is looking really good at the moment but I think he is still loosing a little bit of weight. Some days he eats his Rhodes Hay and other days he doesn't. I guess he will work it out!

I will hopefully be able to post some new pictures tomorrow!

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