Sunday, April 26, 2009

We are EXHAUSTED!!!!!!

What a huge weekend!!!!!!! This weekend was the Ron Paterson Clinic. On washed Sam and made him presentable on Friday arvo. Saturday morning I packed the float the car and headed off to the paddock. I was there by 11am thinking I may as well load up and head off even though my lesson wasn't until 2.15pm. I figured it would give us heaps of time to settle in and take it all in. I was convinced to wait as there is no shade etc. We decided to load up at 12.30pm. Sam finally got on the float at 2.30pm. Yep you read it right! We missed our lesson. I spent another hour just walking Sam on and off the float. He was buggered and so was I.

Sunday morning we were up bright and early to have another go. I didn't think it would take too long this time but I still allowed myself an extra 1.5 hrs just in case. We were on and off 4 times in 20min so I was happy with that. I towed the float out to where the clinic was happening. I need all the practice I can get. I get very nervous when towing a horse so I generally bring Scott along and he gives me guidance. Sam walked off the float happily had a look around and commenced eating. He was nice and relaxed. We wondered over to watch one of the other lessons for a bit . About 45min before our lesson I started to get ready. Sam was fine until Sarah rocked up with Benny. He is a vocal horse and once Sam heard him that was it! I decided to lunge him and he galloped around like a chook with his head cut off. That wasn't going to do him any good so I pulled him in and decided to just hop on!

He was tense but not silly. I walked over the warm up area and just walked him around. He looked at everything but wasn't too silly. Ron Paterson was running on time which was really good. I introduced myself and Sam, gave him a run down on both of us and off we went. Ron wastes no time and is very tough. He likes to yell and demands you to do what he has asked. Sam and I were shell shocked! We have never worked so hard in our lives! I got some really nice work out of Sam. He was tense but then he really has never done anything like that so that was too be expected. I had a few light bulb moments and I have learnt a lot to practice at home which is great.

He gave us breaks which we really needed and when we finished Sam didn't have a dry spot on him - neither did I! We hosed him off and loaded him up. No major hassles except he didn't want to stay on the float so we still took a few goes at loading. He is backing off nicely now - a few steps at a time.

Sam is going to be very sore and sorry for himself tomorrow - so am I! So now we have to work on flexion, coming back in the trot and then trotting out again, active walk, and lengthening my legs. I will give him tomorrow off and start again on Tuesday!

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