Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Interesting Ride

We had an interesting ride today. Sam in the beginning was his usual - whatever, lazy self - then I put his bridle on and we went for a trot. (I started out in his halter again) He felt very forward after I finally gave him a good kick to make him trot. I don't normally do this, I generally give in and say the word trot but he needs to learn to move off my leg in transitions! He felt like he wanted to canter so I pushed him into canter and we were off!!!!! He was a little humpy - I don't think you would have really seen it from the ground - you know when you just feel it! He felt happy so I went into a 2 point seat and let him stretch out into a good extended canter. We then changed the rein and had a good extended canter the other way. I think this helped get the little excess energy out of his system. He can't have a good stretch in his paddock due to the paddock size so I might have to do this a little more often!

Anyway after he caught his breath back we were into it. He was a little more responsive to go into trot - I only had to niggle with my heels instead of actually kicking (I really don't like having to kick!) this is when it got really interesting. Sam decided that he didn't want to work so tried the following

#pulling the reins out of my hands
#rushing on
#tried to stop
#really falling out through the outside shoulder
#falling in on the circles so he became unbalanced
#locking his neck and jaw and not bending at all

Then finally he gave in and gave me two nice circles in trot - I let him have a break. What was so interesting about this ride is that I didn't give in or get cranky!!!!!!! That is big for me! Generally if Sam tries to get out of work I will say OK we don't have to practice today! So I was really impressed with myself for sticking to it and I was impressed with Sam for in the end trying. We stopped then because he is so unfit and it really did take a lot out of him. Even though it probably all happened within 15min he was dripping with sweat so we went for a walk and I gave him a really good hose down.

I can't wait to ride again on Thursday to see if there is a change. I am going to try and start work late so I can ride in the morning. I don't have lights here I am so I bound to daylight hours!!!! Makes it a little difficult but we can work around it. I am thinking of having him clipped this winter. He is already starting to go woolly even though the days are still getting to 32 degrees!!!! The nights I guess are low 20's - that would be a little cool for Sam!!!!! When Sarah comes home I am going to see if she is willing to change rugs for me in the morning.

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