Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We're back in ths saddle!

Wow I didn't realise how long it had been since my last post. So much to report!

OK so we put the poultice on Saturday night. Sunday Sam was more than capable of having a good buck and pigroot in his yard so the poultice must have been working. Monday I decided to turn him out on a small paddock so at least he could have a good trot or canter if he felt like it. Monday night we took the poultice off - trotted out sound!!!!!! I tried not to get too excited so I went out early Tuesday morning to trot him out again - HE TROTTED OUT SOUND!!!!!!!!

Tuesday afternoon out I went for a ride. Walk and trotted in halter no problem. Put his bridle on and asked for a contact well that is when the fun started. I could feel him getting a little bouncy in the hind end. I really didn't want an argument and we have set up a dressage arena and how it is done has taken away the ability of being able to do a good canter around the riding area. I jumped off and put him on the lunge. Nope no lameness!!!!! He is really athletic! Sam gave some awesome bucks, pigroots and rears! He had a good canter and really enjoyed himself. I think he really misses his 15 acre paddock and his daily gallops. Anyway I jumped back on and he was good, forward but at least the hind end wasn't as bouncy! :)

Today I rode Sam again. This time I did a lot of ground work and I think that helped. I warmed up again in halter then put his bridle on. This time I didn't take a contact straight away i trotted out again and slowly took up a contact and worked him into a round frame. I think this works better for Sam - not as rude!

What does all this mean - We can do the clinic this weekend!!!!!!! Times are 2.15pm on Saturday and 11.15am on Sunday. I can't wait! So exciting!

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