Saturday, April 18, 2009

Will he be ok?

Sam has had a poultice on for 24 hrs now. The farrier came out this morning and had a look. He is thinking it might be more of a stone bruise than an abscess. He was walking fine on it this morning. I will trot him out this arvo and have a look. If he is coming good and still slightly sore on Thursday I will give him some bute for the weekend - I really don;t want to do that but I don't want to waste $150 and the opportunity of two lessons with Ron Paterson. He only comes up here 4 times a year and it is hard to get good instruction up here.

Sarah has been great letting me stable Sam and letting me have the pony in with him for company. He is now out in the steel yards and I will leave him there for a few days I think until his paddock is dry.

I have also decided to go back to Sam's original diet. I just don't like how much weight he has lost and he is getting really picky about his food. That isn't like him so I will put him back on what we know!

Last night I tied up his mane so he looks a little more like a dressage pony. Poor bugger is so bored being locked up! I am going to try and find a toy of some sort. A new mare is going next to him this arvo so hopefully she is a little playful - he will like that!

I will keep you updated on his progress!

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