Saturday, April 11, 2009

Just a quick update

I was able to ride Sam yesterday arvo and of course he was very good. I have noticed he is starting to move off my leg and little more which is great. His trot work is also getting better - not bobbing his head quite so much. Sarah is home now and she had a ride on Benny. It was great to see how Sam would react with another horse being worked at the same time. He wanted to follow and watch and then he settled down and was happy to work!! Such a good boy!

This afternoon we just went for a walk down the road. We had some rain last night and today so the ground was too slippery to ride on. I think he enjoys his outings. I let him have a pick for about 20min because you know he is a half starved pony!!!!

I have found an awesome combo on ebay for him so I am watching that for the moment. It will be too warm for up here but when we move to Wagga he will need it!

Considering another diet change - the one he is on is costing too much!!!!! I am not noticing a change yet either. I will give it another week or so though.

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