Sunday, May 31, 2009

Another lovely day

Sarah and I loaded up the ponies and headed out to Blue Water this morning. Sam was good at loading, after one baulk he walked straight on. It was Benny that decided he didn't really want to go on. Didn't take him long and we had him loaded. Sarah followed me because she has never ridden out there before. With a lot of whining we drove out the driveway! It was an uneventful 45min drive and when we arrived it was a wonderful sight. They had just mowed the grounds and it was a little overcast so it wasn't too hot. We unloaded, tacked up, mounted up and did about 20min of flat work. The horses were working well, round and forward. We couldn't help it but we wanted to explore. Blue Water I think is probably 100 acres and there are trails marked out everywhere.

Sam and Benny were eager too I think, they had a spring in their steps, ears pricked and a sparkle in their eyes!!! We followed the black arrows and it ended up being a short track because even after getting lost (chatting too much we missed a turn!) we were back at the floats within 45min. We rode over to another riding area and had a look and then untacked and let the boys have a pick for about 45min. Even though they didn't get a big work out I think it helped their mind set. The still had to work in a new setting but then got to get out and see new sites.

Nobody spooked, bolted, refused to go forward so it really was a very pleasant outing. Sam decided that he didn't want to go home and refused to get on the float but after about 2 min he walked on and stood quietly. Benny was the same but followed Sarah without too much hassle. When we got home we hosed them off and Sam got to go in one of the grass paddocks for the afternoon. I gave him a small lunch and watched him have a roll, shake, drink and then started to munch away happily.

When I got back to the paddock later this afternoon to feed Sam I noticed Benny and Sam hanging out over the fence playing. This was lovely to see because for so long Benny would roar at Sam. I think they are now friends. We have a shared lesson on Tuesday arvo so tomorrow I might do halter riding again. Tuesday I think will be a pretty full on lesson.


Anonymous said...

It's great for horses to get out and around - I suppose they feel like it's a vacation from their usual routine. Sounds like you had a really fun time!

Nina said...

It was just so lovely - I wish I could communicate better so you could all imagine where we went - next is the beach!!!!