Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Over coming some fears

I had a wasted long weekend! Sam's shoes were loose so I didn't really want to work him too hard incase we ripped a shoe off and did even more damage. Saturday I worked him in the arena and he was very naughty. He didn't want to settle or do any work. I tried to change the pace in trot - pushing him out and bringing him back over and over again. He popped into canter so I thought fine you can canter - we cantered and cantered and cantered! Finally he slowed down and I gave him a break and then asked for some work with a contact again but no he just didn't want to do it! I gave up - cooled him down, hosed him off and put him away.

Sunday I went to clip him. I washed him and while he was drying I thought I had better have a good look at the clippers. I have never clipped a horse before and I really don't know how to use clippers so I sat down to get to know them. I found them clogged with hair and rusty. I couldn't even undo the blades so I figured that I should get them serviced before I started clipping Sam. I didn't want to start and then half way through they give up! I didn't ride him on Sunday just left him out to have a good pick.

Monday I rode again but this time I hoped on and we headed straight out into the road. I took my mobile with me because I had a bad feeling. We walked out down the road at a good strong walk. I made him halt while a cyclist went past and every time a car went past. He did this really well. He was happy to wait until I asked him to continue. I was very happy with this. After we crossed the bridge Sam started to get tense. Last time we went this way Sam got a huge fright and really carried on so I thought maybe he remembered this. I crossed the road and found a vacant lot so I walked him around there until he calmed down a little. Then I pushed him into a trot it took a while put he finally started to relax. We even cantered which I was very happy about. No rushing and was happy to allow me to push it out and then bring it back. We headed back for home and he saw a little shetland. This really spooked him - I don't know why becasue he used to live with one and loved him but these little guys had him up on his toes. We stood watched them for a bit then he was happy to turn for home and walk quietly. He walked over the bridge again and was happy to slow the walk down when asked. He was also happy to halt when I wanted and continue when I wanted to as well. So in the end I was very proud of him and myself. I conquered my fears a little. I wanted to go for a long walk out on the roads but when I felt him become tense I was so tempted to hop off and lead him home. So I was very proud of myself for working through it.

I rode again this arvo but just in the arena. Lew came out and shod him this afternoon and he is always a little tender after so we did some trot pole work and a lot of bending in walk and trot. He was back to his old self this arvo so that was lovely.

He will have tomorrow arvo off and I will ride again on Thursday. I am tossing up whether I take him to a competition on Saturday. Not to compete but to get used to being out with other horses and possibly having a lesson with Pamela who is competing. I don't think she will have time to come to the paddock so maybe I could have one there. We will see what happens! One of the ladies at work - her friend also gives lessons so I have asked for her number and see if she will give me some lessons. I would love to start having fortnightly lessons - I think that would help us a lot.

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