Friday, May 8, 2009

The things we do for our horses!

I visited Sam at 3am this morning! A little background first. We are coming into winter and even though our winters are very mild - at the moment it is getting to 17 - 18 degrees at night and back up to 28 degrees during the day. We have been having light showers of rain for the past 3 days. Sam was born, bred and has lived his entire life in Townsville so he already has a long winter coat! His agistment place is about a 25min drive from my house.

Yesterday I went out to see Sam and I put him out the back to have a pick while went to get changed. I was nearly back in view when the heavens opened and the rain pelted down! Sam cantered over to the gate whinnying and carrying on. I yelled out to him that I was coming and he just kept whinnying until I got to him and then he followed me under the shelter. Silly pony! We stayed under there until the rain past and then he was happy to go back to munching! Problem was his PJ's were left out in the rain so I had to come up with other rugs for the night. I don't have a light waterproof combo so I came up with a polar fleece rug and a light unlined canvas that is shower proof. On they went, I fed him and went home.

1.30am I woke up. I was very hot so threw off the covers and immediately thought of Sam. He couldn't just throw off a rug if he got warm! The conversation in my head went something like this:
Don't be silly he is fine.
It is getting to the coolest part of the night he will be fine!
What if he is rolling and gets caught in the electric fence?
No he isn't rolling like mad and getting caught in the electric fence, but...........

I went and stood outside for a while to see if I would get cold - I didn't.
I tried to go back to sleep but sleep wouldn't come. At 2.30am I got changed and jumped in the car. 25min later I am standing on the road (one of his fences is on the road) and in a loud whisper I call 'SAM, SAM!!!!!' I can see him clearly due to the full moon. He is lying down asleep. Finally he wakes up, looks at me, gets up, has a pee then ambles over tho the fence blinking at me with a look of 'Oh Hi! What are you doing here?" I check him over and nothing - no sign of sweating what so ever!!!!!! I was so happy. We had a chat and a cuddle and I jumped back in the car and drove home again. By 3.30am I was back in my bed and fast asleep knowing that Sam was fine!!!!

I still can't believe I did that but I just wouldn't have lived with myself if something had happened!!!!

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