Thursday, May 14, 2009

Good/Bad make up your mind!!!!!

Sometimes I just don't understand horses. Sam has been a pain all week. Naughty and uptight when we ride. This afternoon I wanted to take him out on the road but when I caught him I could tell he was in a bad mood so I gave him a brush, oiled his hooves and we went out and picked grass for about 40min. He wasn't happy about coming back in but I figure at least he got out and was able to have a pick. I pulled grass and fed the pony over the fence while Sam ate. I think the pony appreciated it!

We have our lesson with Bridget on Saturday so I will try and ride Sam tomorrow morning before work - even if it just a walk around.

I spoke to the herbal lady about his degenerative bone disease and she has recommend some more herbs I can give him. I have just purchased them so hopefully they will work. Poor little pony!

I will let you know how the lesson goes on the weekend!!!!!

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