Saturday, May 16, 2009

Our Lesson

Well we had our lesson this morning. It was interesting and I won't be going back. I'll make a list for you -
  • I have seen Sam put under a lot of pressure and he doesn't buck, pigroot or rear he only tries to rush on or can go side ways gracefully!
  • I finally got to see Sam move under saddle when ridden by someone else
  • He isn't as lame as I thought - I think he bungs it on a bit :)
  • Found out that Sam can handle being ridden with a whip


  • Everything she picked me on she did her self ie: don't cross your inside over the wither - she did,
  • I found she jammed Sam up and wouldn't let him go forward
  • Not very good at explaining
  • Didn't listen to my concerns
  • Over worked Sam after asking her not too
The pro's were good so I am not too upset. I still have two other people to try. I can't wait until we move down south and I can get some decent instruction. I really don't think it hurt Sam to be worked that hard. Yes he was hot and sweaty but it was warming up during the day anyway. When I went out to feed Sam this arvo he seemed fine.

I think I will try some float training tomorrow - fun and joys!


Anonymous said...

The not listening to you part would be a big red flag for me and doesn't sound good - it won't get better as you go forward. Just found your blog - good luck with your search, and with your horse activities!

Nina said...

Thank you!!!! I have found another lady who is just down the road so I will give her a go. I have heard she is tough but fair! Fingers crossed! Thanks about my blog yours is awesome!!!!!