Monday, May 18, 2009

Horses and Electric Fences!

I had plans to take Sam out for a lovely walk this afternoon for a green pick but when I got to the paddock Sam's internal electric fencing was down and through his paddock. Not sure what happened but Sam is ok which is the main thing. Sarah helped me put it all back up and I have turned it on tonight so when he touches it watch out!

I turned Sam out into the stable area so he could graze there while I helped Sarah lunge Babe. Babe did really well one way but I don't think she had ever been lunged the other way. I walked around the outside with her and after a while I was able to stop and she kept going. In trot she kept stopping and turning in but she will get the hang of it. For a 10yo TB mare who has done nothing but sit in a paddock for the last 5years she is coping with everything quite well. Sarah has been riding her in the arena lately just slowly getting her used to being worked again.

I have to go and pick up hay tomorrow afternoon but hopefully it won't take too long and I will have a chance to lunge Sam!


Anonymous said...

Glad Sam was OK - maybe his fence was off? We use electric only for internal (within pastures) fencing, and never between two herds of horses, and therefore can use low-breaking strength tape that will break before it will injure a horse going through it. That said, we don't have many problems with our horses testing the fences as we always leave them on!

Babe sounds sweet to cooperate with efforts at lunging!

Nina said...

Babe was very good. Hopefully we will be able to give her another go this weekend.

Sams fence was fine this afternoon and I have asked them to leave the fence on for a few weeks - just to remind him!