Friday, May 15, 2009

Flying Change

I forgot to add the other day I was riding Sam and we were cantering around the outside of the arena. We were on the lead but I wasn't to concerned it was open enough not to really worry about it. Anyway we came around the short side and I could feel Sam bunching up and I thought here we go he is going to pigroot or the back end is about to a little jumpy - nope HE DID A FLYING CHANGE! He has done them before but this was without a contact and not on a tight area. I was very impressed with him!

I went out really early this morning and had a quick ride before work. We only rode for 20min and we did it all in halter. He was pretty good. More interested in looking at everybody else (it was breakfast time) we walked, trotted and cantered. He was good and I think relieved that it wasn't a long session.

Our lesson is tomorrow and I have to clean my bridle and wash my joddies! I am getting a little nervous which is silly really. I'll let you know how we go!

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