Saturday, May 23, 2009

Quick update

Sam and I went for a lovely road ride with Sarah on Thursday afternoon. I was a little apprehensive for two reasons, 1) I was wearing my bad luck jeans (I was wearing them when I fell off Sam last year) 2) last time I went out on the road with Sarah Sam got such a fright I ended up having to jump off!

Sarah was riding Benny this time and we were going a different way so I thought why not! Sam is starting to spook a little too much on our road rides so I really should try and take him out more. We have also done two weeks in the arena and I prefer getting him out on the road at least once a week.

I had nothing to worry about. Sam was very well behaved - so was Benny. It was a lovely walk. Sam only spooked once and was happy to walk out most of the time. Sometimes there was a lot of pushing involved but what I noticed the most was as soon a I slowed my seat Sam shortened his walk, no reins involved. Yes we had a light contact but I really didn't need this. The main reason I have a light contact is because out on the trails I find Sam seems to find comfort in it. He doesn't fight it and if i let the reins out loose he seems to stretch to find the contact.

I think Sam really appreciated the different scenery and not having to work in the arena. He had Friday off and today I only had the time to give him a light lunge. I didn't put a saddle on just asked for walk, trot and canter both reins. We focused on him listening and doing a lot of transitions. He was really listening and only had a good buck a few times but would come back once I asked him too. I will ride tomorrow and Monday and we have our lesson on Tuesday!

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Kate said...

Getting out of the arena is very refreshing sometimes for both horse and rider - glad you had such a pleasant ride!