Monday, June 1, 2009

I HAVE NEWS!!!!!!!

We are moving to WAGGA WAGGA!!!!!!! Just so you can imagine where Wagga is compared to Townsville - 2200km south! It is cold in winter and hot in summer and just delightful!!!!! We are moving in September and I can't wait! It doesn't snow but pretty close to it! The summer are a dry heat so much more bearable! We are hoping to find acreage to rent so I can keep Sam at our back door! This means we will have to get Sam a friend!

Poor Sam he really is going to freeze. He has never been south of Townsville and the coat on him already is like a yak! We are going to get a transport company to take him down so it is a lot less stressful for all of us. I think he will travel a lot better on a truck and the company I use - Rudds is awesome. They will keep him over night if they think he needs a break.

So much to do and organise - sell our house, find somewhere to live, finding agistment until we find a house on acreage. Finding a job. At least if we sell the house I will have time on my side to find a job so I can be there to settle Sam in and Jack - our dog!

I didn't get to work Sam today due to the real estate agent so hopefully he will be well behaved for our lesson tomorrow!!!!

Did I mention that I was EXCITED!!!!!!!

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Kate said...

Wow! Big news - how exciting for you - a new adventure!