Monday, June 15, 2009


I am soooooooooooo excited! I had the farrier out this afternoon to shoe Sam and the amount of hoof he was able to take off was amazing! Even the Lew (the farrier) couldn't believe it! His soles fell off on Saturday. It was amazing you could see the abscess he had back in February - it has finally grown out. On the other hoof the bruise he had back in March has also just about grown out! He also made it 5 weeks and 6 days - THE LONGEST HE HAS EVER KEPT SHOES ON FOR!!!!!!!!!

I have been trying to think what it is and I think it is a few things.

I have made sure he has eaten his herbs everyday
I have been oiling his hooves every second day
I have been soaking his hooves with ever moist at least once a week
His paddock is clean and flat - it is harder to get the shoe caught on anything

Sorry but this is huge news for us! Even Lew was happy!


Kate said...

Good hooves are often about good care - good for you! I also find nutrition and weather make a big difference - one we can control and the other we can't! And of course good farrier care.

Nina said...

Thanks Kate - I really am excited I think maybe everything that I have been doing has finally paid off!