Sunday, June 21, 2009

Huge week

We have had a huge week so sorry for the lack of posts. I haven't even ridden much this week. Selling our house certainly stressed me out a whole lot more than I planned! But WE SOLD IT!!!!! A huge weight has been lifted from our shoulders as of Friday afternoon at 4.10pm.

Tuesday I didn't get to ride. Wednesday I was too worked up to ride. Thursday I rode. I saddled Sam up and went to put his bridle on. Sam pinched his nostrils and turned his head away. This is very unlike Sam so I figured he was telling me that he was not a happy camper. No problem we will ride with just a halter. I think this really surprised him because when I led him to the arena it was with a little more energy than normal. We had a lovely ride and I focused on our transitions. Making them happen where and when I wanted them. I also find riding in the halter tells me how much I have been using the reins instead of my legs. I tried to so some leg yielding. To the left no problem but to the right just was not going to happen. I jumped off asked him to walk out and I used my hand on his side and asked that way. It took him a bit but he finally figured out what I was asking.

Friday we found out about the house so no riding. Saturday I worked him and I think the leg yielding on the ground helped. I did it before getting on this time and I think that helped. It still isn't sharp but in the walk it is a lot better and in trot we are getting a few steps.

Sunday, I asked my husband to video us. I find this a useful tool with training. I haven't had a chance to watch it yet but my husband can't believe how much better we look. It has probably been about 2 months since he has watched us ride. I noticed something today. I don't give Sam a good enough chance to warm up. I demand too much too early. After one of our walks he really came round, moved off my legs, head was a lot quieter. He was over bent so I think I am a little too tough in the warm up and I am finding it hard to push him up out of this. I had a look at my watch and this was about 15min into the ride. I will really watch this from now on. I will try and do a lot more suppling in the warm up.

We also did a flying change today!!!!!!!!!!! I was cantering down the long side and he just wasn't going anywhere. He wasn't listening to any of my aids so I lifted both legs off to give him a good wake up and he did a flying change! Surprised me! I nearly fell off because I was laughing too much! I am hoping we caught it on the camera! I had to get up into a two point position today to get him to go forward in the canter. I think I will need to do this a little more often. We really haven't worked on the canter yet though so our transitions are terrible but I don't mind. He picks up the correct lead 9 out of 10 times. I also have to become braver when I ask. I am always scared he is going to buck or pigroot going into canter. He has never done this but several other horses have with me so I am a little hesitant and use my voice a lot more.

Once warmed up and moving well I really noticed his inside ear focused on me. I gave him quick wash, clean rugs, clean paddock, clean water trough and a special lunch. I love those days!

When I have the video I will try and post it!


Kate said...

Very good rides indeed! I like the way you solved your leg-yield problem by working from the ground - creative thinking is often the key to helping the horse understand something they may be struggling with. I like your Sam - he sounds like he really tries!

Nina said...

I like to think he does try. Some days he doesn't but other days you can feel him ask you questions - this or maybe you wanted this? I love it! But if I want to have a relaxing, lazy day he is happy to go with the flow!