Sunday, June 14, 2009

No Show For Us! :(


Talk about a stressful week! The people who are under contract with our house are being very annoying. To the point where I found I didn't focus on Sam all the much. I didn't ride everyday because I found I was so worked up about the house there was no point riding. I ended up having Friday off due to stress. I went out and rode Sam at lunch time and he was wonderful. Saturday I worked him and we worked on walk - trot, trot - walk transitions. Walk - trot he is getting a lot better but the first few steps of trot are very slow but round and soft. Trot - walk is terrible - he is leaning, stiffening more than ever. Just another thing for us to work on. I noticed one of his front shoes were getting quite loose. He lost both front soles on Saturday which is awesome for his hooves but it means his shoes then get very loose. I plaited him up anyway and taped up his hooves hoping that would help. This morning when I went out to get him ready the shoe was very loose. My husband and I decided his hooves are more important than his first show. There will always be another show!
This is Sam this morning half ready anyway! At least I know he is happy to stand still while I plait even when it takes me ages! Also next time I will do smaller plaits - I think there ones were a little big on his scrawny neck! We also didn't have Aunty Jodi to help with our forelock, tail and makeup! She also helps keep me calm and does my hair - WE LOVE AUNTY JODI!!!!!!!!

Never mind hopefully the farrier will be able to come out tomorrow morning and hopefully the shoe will stay on until then!

Hard to see but Sam with a wavy mane after I unplaited him!!!!!!!! I love it when they look like this! :)


Ellie said...

That is too bad about your first show, but you want your first experience at a show with Sam to be a really positive one, and it seems like the planets were not aligning to allow that to happen. I've been working on walk trot transitions too, the down transitions are very easy for Werther (the less work he has to do the better!) but it is struggle to get him more sensitive to the "go" aids.

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Kate said...

Sorry you missed the show, but it sounds like a very good decision - loose shoes are no good! At least you got practice on all the prep work! Good luck with the annoying home buyers - I've had some of those myself.

Nina said...

Thanks guys I think we made the right decision! I want to try a few other training techniques before our first show!