Monday, July 19, 2010

Still Wet

We had some lovely weather on the weekend - sun was out and the ground had a chance to dry a little. The paddocks were still way to wet to sow and I think it will be a few weeks now before we can have chance to do it.

I was able to ride Sam on Sunday. We could only go out along the road - he was silly as he is full of beans. Poor bugger has been locked up most of the week. At least I know he will walk for me. I had a lot of trouble getting him to settle in the trot so I bought him back to a walk - just to be on the safe side. I think some of it was also that he wanted to turn for home. Today the drizzle rain is back so no riding.

Last night hubby and I put the electric fence up in the lane way so this morning I put them out there. Sam was happy to put his head down and eat, Gull had to check it all out, snort, gallop out, cautiously go back in and check it out again. Due to the grass being to green I only let the stay out there for about an hour. Gave them a hour and a half break then let them back out again for another hour and a half. I have bought them back in and will leave them in for about two and half hours and then put them out for about another hour.

I think I will look into hiring the Uni's indoor arena once or twice a week. I would really like to enter Sam in the dressage comp at the end of August but if I can't work him then there really isn't any point.

I have been a follower and active in Quests forum for a while now and last week they asked me to join their team rescuing horses/educating the community. We are an Australia wide group and help horses in need where we can. I might be getting my first rescue case soon. A Quarter horse mare who has been left in a paddock with a 2yo colt so we are presuming she is pregnant. She has gone through a few fences and is meant to have some nasty wounds. Problem is she is located 5 hours away. Someone is checking her today to see if she will cope with the trip and if so she will come here for treatment. If she is pregnant once I have her healed to an extent she will then go to another team member who has the facilities to deal with a pregnant mare and then a foal. I am excited but also very nervous. I will keep you posted with what will happen!

I hope your having wonderful pony time!!!!! Don't forget to give them kisses and carrots!

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Kate said...

Love the picture of you both!

You are brave and kind to take on the injured mare, and if she does come to you she'll get very good care.