Sunday, July 4, 2010

Catch up!

5th Day of Shelter
6th Day of Shelter
So the shelter fingers crossed will be finished tomorrow - it is huge!!!! I think I did over kill! The stable will end up being 4mx4m or 13.12feet x 13.12feet. I won't be getting it divided into stables just yet so I think there will be enough room in there to feed the two horses in there without fights - very handy!

I worked Sam on Saturday but he seemed tense and distracted so I started with ground work. We worked for about 30min and I was able to ride him in a halter only over in the reserve. Just at a walk but he was in an exploring mood so I sort of let him decide where we went. So it ended up a good ride.

Today we stayed in the arena to begin with. I concentrated on myself - I started with my relaxation exercises and let Sam just walk and trot around freely. After our warm up I took up a light contact and without really asking Sam started to round. He wasn't holding a frame for the entire circle but certainly was giving me some nice work. I really started to focus on my position - the better I rode the better Sam went! Amazing isn't it - not really just goes to show, you ride properly and your horse can then work as they are not being hindered by the rider. To cool down I took him over to the reserve. We went for a canter and then back to a walk and took a long track home to cool down.

My OH played farmer today. We borrowed our neighbours little tractor and rotary hoe. He had a great time and did a wonderful job. I even got him to use it to create a few garden bed for me where we could get it in - no point digging when I get a machine to do it!

It was freezing today and the fog didn't left until 2.30 this afternoon. Hopefully next weekend it will be sown with pasture where the big tractor can get in - the rest I will sow by hand. It is getting pretty exciting around here!

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Marissa said...

Awesome! I was just telling a friend of mine yesterday that I need to marry a man who would be excited about jumping on the tractor and helping out around the farm. Maybe I need to move back to Australia....