Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rain, rain go away.......

We have had so much rain in the last two days I think the horses are going to grow webbed hooves. Last night OH and I even opened up the shelter so the horses could get out of the biting wind and rain. I figured how much damage can they do? It is already so muddy in there. They love it! It was certainly a lot warmer for them being able to get out of the wind at least.

So they have been locked up since Tuesday afternoon. This afternoon I let them out into the paddock for an hour - help stretch their legs, have a pick, hopefully raise their spirits a little. I think it worked because they were still more than happy to come back in for dinner. Tomorrow I will let them out for about two hours and Saturday a few more. It is just that wet in the paddock as well.

We were going to seed the paddocks this weekend but that won't be happening now. I will take Sam out for a walk on the road to help keep him a little sane but that is about all we will achieve riding wise. It will probably be a ground working weekend - that really isn't a bad thing!

Have fun with your ponies!

Just some pictures for your viewing pleasure

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Wolfie said...

Funny pics! Sorry the rain is putting a crinkle in your riding plans. Have a good weekend in spite of the weather!