Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lesson and Diet Question

I had another lesson yesterday. It was interesting. We worked just on me and my position so Sam got it quite easy. All he had to do was trot around with his little nose sticking out! Now that I have my lower leg just about sorted we moved to my shoulders. I hold them so tightly I usually hop off very sore. We did some one rein work so I could drop one arm down at the time and let it relax. It certainly helped.

Then we did lots of changing the rein in walk and trot but turning using only my body. I had to look and point my belly button where I wanted to go. It was awesome! I was amazed how nicely Sam turned. Isn't it amazing how much they listening to your position and seat.

Canter is my best position. I still get up into a 2 point seat to really stretch down through my legs and then slowly come back into the three point seat. I just have to work on not constantly driving Sam forward with my seat.

I then went for a walk with Sam and he started to get up on his toes and spook. He did a major spook - you know the ones where they rear and spin. I stayed on thank you to my new more secure position but I did loose a stirrup. I got Sam over to what was upsetting him but I then called it a day. I was mentally tired from my lesson.

My instructor said something that really struck a cord
'Collection comes from a really good halt and from the horse being light off your leg aids' If you have these two things really cemented in your horse then collection just happens. You know this makes sense to me!!!!! I will be practicing my halts from from all gaits and I want Sam really listening to my leg so he becomes light off my leg! I actually wasn't even trying but after we did a few transitions I noticed Sam had a lovely walk at one stage. Forward, round, soft, relaxed so it does work!!!!

I have noticed two new things with Sam. He seems to be a lot hungrier. I haven't changed his diet but his work load has increased. He hasn't lost any weight and doesn't need to put any on, I like him the way he is. He now trots over nickering for breakfast and dinner. Don't get me wrong I like that but I don't like the fact that he is obviously so hungry. The temperature is really starting to warm up and there is absolutely nothing in his paddock but dirt. Not that he ever really had anything in it.

Breakfast he gets 2.5kg - meadow grass hay
.5kg - lucerne hay

Dinner he gets 2.5kg - meadow grass hay
.5kg - lucerne hay
1.0kg - mixed oaten and lucerne chaff
.3kg - pellets
cup - herbs for hooves

What can I add so he doesn't put on weight or increase energy as he has more than enough of that? Should I just increase the meadow grass hay?

The second thing I have noticed he has been eating dry horse poo. Not in his paddock as I clean it daily but when I take him out for a pick if there is dry poo there he will eat it! Do you think he is lacking something? Should I add a vitamin/mineral mix to his diet? Should I go back to adding seaweed meal to his diet?

Horses diet - they give me a headache! He has a wonderful shine to his coat and his mane isn't as dry as it usually is so I thought he must have been pretty healthy?!

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Anonymous said...

The eating poo may just mean he's bored or hungry. You could give him more hay - as long as he drinks well - and also consider a higher fat pellet as a top-dressing for his pellets - I don't know what you've got available over there, but here we have some high fat foods such as Buckeye Ultimate Finish and Purina Ultima - if you look them up on the internet it'll give you the nutrient composition. Does he have a white salt block always accessible?