Sunday, November 15, 2009

Float Loading Practice

Scott looked after Sam for me Friday arvo and Saturday while I went to Melbourne to go to IKEA for shopping! Had a wonderful time but missed Sam terribly! Scott took wonderful care of him of course and Sam was fine.

This morning I thought we had better practice our float loading as it has been a week and a half since our lesson. Scott came out with me to help load the float up and put it in position. I caught Sam, lead him down to the float so I could put float boots on him and apply some fly spray - the flies are really bad at the moment. He didn't get upset when walking to the float or standing next to it. I led him around because you know what they are like with float boots on - they walk like mongo's! I pointed him towards the float he walked up, stopped half way in, I tapped with the dressage whip and he continued to walk on. He stood there happily until I asked him to back out. I also stopped him half way out.

Scott put the divider back to the middle for me and on we went again. This time he went all the way on but just needed to go that inch more, another light tap with the whip and forward he went. After a few quiet minutes I asked him to back out and again half way out I asked him to stop and wait and he did.

Up we went one more time but this time I put the tail guard up behind him. He lent back, felt it went forward but still stood quietly again. I undid it and he didn't move until I asked. That was it I left it at that today. I thought he did it all so well in such a relaxed manner I wouldn't push anymore.

Next time I will get him to stand while I do up the tail guard and the put the ramp up, then I will go in the front and tie him up and walk away for a bit. Then I will practice unloading. If all that goes well the lesson after that I will concentrate on not walking up so far with him. I would like to get to the point where I can stand on the ground and he self loads. All in steps. I was just so happy and proud of him. It took more time to hook the float up than get him to load! :o)


Anonymous said...

That's really good progress! He's doing so well, it's fun to hear about your progress.

Shannon said...

What a good boy! He's very sensible, I bet you'll be able to get him to self load in no time.

SprinklerBandit said...

Wonderful progress! I'm glad you're working with him. So many people leave loading alone until it is absolutely imperative, and then they make a mess of it. Sam is a lucky guy.