Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Double Post Day

Just got back from Sam's Loading Lesson. OMG I wish I had taken the video camera. With such little fuss Jane had Sam loading really well in about 20min. I had Sam standing at the ramp waiting while Jane and I put the head divider back in and he decided to come up and investigate. Just front hooves on the ramp but we thought hey lets work with this so Jane asked me to continue with what I would normally do. Once I actually asked Sam to come up he moved his bum to the side of the float which he always does and then only moved his front hooves and not his back. Jane took over at that point.

She put a 'war bridle' on him. If you have a look at the link (hope it works) it is the one that is described as the Indian Halter. I guess this just gave her a bit more leverage when he wanted to rear. She also used a dressage whip to stop him from moving to the side of the ramp. She didn't hit him hard just tapped him and once or twice gave a short quick flick that he very quickly listened to. It wasn't long before he was loading by walking on straight. After a bit once he was on she was able to ask him to walk forward if one back hoof wasn't quite on.

I finally got to have a go and it was great. I also learned how to back him up straight so that if he started to move his hindquaters the wrong way if I turned his head the opposite way I could straighten him up a bit.

It was just so lovely to see someone teach him that it doesn't have to be a big deal and to do it so he didn't have a major explosion a few minor hiccups but nothing major. It was also interesting to see that the first time I loaded him he was tense when standing in the float. Head was raised and body was tense. I asked him to back out and then loaded him again and this time he was more realxed. I have to keep practicing so few times a week I will get my OH to come out with me and we will practice so it becomes second nature. Jane said that next time he will probably play up and refuse but if I do what we did this morning he should settle down and walk up. But if I run into more problems I know Jane will be happy to come and help me again.

I have organised her to ride Sam another two times this week and hopefully I will be able to ride next week. If not I will just get Jane to keep riding until I can ride again.

I am feeling confidant that soon I will have a horse that I have always wanted. Not that Sam isn't what I want it will just be lovely to have a horse that is a little easier.

Thank you for all your well wishes over my foot and Shannon, I look forward to it never hurting again when a horse stands on my foot!!!!! The doctor rang this morning and thinks the bone maybe bruised. I will have to look up exactly what that means but I think it sounds like a long recovery!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Glad Sam is doing so well and that you were able to participate in the loading. Hope the foot continues to improve!

SprinklerBandit said...

The link isn't working for me, so I'm trying to imagine what a war bridle looks like based on the random unrelated images google pulled up.

Regardless, I'm glad it worked for you. Way to go, Nina, Sam, and Jane!