Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Another lesson

Thank you Kate and SprinkerBandit for your kind words about Sam. I really did feel empowered after I spoke to Jane. Yesterday afternoon she rode Sam again and this time we but a caverson noseband on him. I tacked him up so I made sure it wasn't really tight. I would prefer not to use one but if I do then I like to have a two finger gap between the noseband and their nose. Wow the difference was amazing my old Sam was back!!!!!!!! Maybe the other day he was just having an off day. Jane didn't ride him for long because he was doing so well. Nice rhythm, steady head carriage, not pushing his nose out into the bit in downward transitions. He is still jumping into canter but that will come I think when he builds more strength in his hindquarters.

Jane just phoned and wants to do a float loading lesson this morning so I will let you know how that goes. I can't do much with my foot so I will just watch and hopefully at the end I might be able to have a go.

I do agree with Kate though - trainers work for us. Sam is going to be in training for a little longer due to my not being able to ride so I am going to ask her to take him out on a trail ride along the rode and to ride him out around the large riding paddock and up and down lane ways just to really get him out, going forward, build his confidence.

The foot is unfortunately getting worse. Looks like my bone is bruised and the wound was a little deeper than they thought and they think it might have a small infection so I am onto antibiotics. I really want it healed so I can start riding again!!!!!!!


SprinklerBandit said...

Good for you! And I'm glad you got to help tack up. Sometimes it's hard for trainers to know what exactly a horse likes unless the owner shows them.

Ouch about the foot. I hope the healing goes well.

Marissa said...

Hi Nina, just catching up on your last couple of posts. I think you're right to question your trainer if something doesn't look right to you, since you are always going to be your horse's best advocate. Sounds like Jane's reaction was a good one though, since she was willing to take the time and explain what was going on with Sam that day. Sounds like was willing to work him much lighter the next day when he was responding so well, which is always a good sign. I hope the loading lesson goes well and hope your foot doesn't get much worse! We've all been there before and it is definitely painful! Get plenty of rest!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you've got good communications going with your trainer, which is really excellent. Get better very soon!

Shannon said...

So sorry for your injury! I hope you have a speedy recovery. If it's any consolation, I happen to know from personal experience that if you get stepped on enough your feet eventually go numb. I never worry about getting my feet stepped on anymore, it doesn't hurt : ).

I'm glad you got things straightened out with your trainer. It's always important to ask questions. Sometimes in the course of training a horse things get ugly, to someone on the ground who doesn't know what's going on it can look like a disaster, when really it's just a phase. A good trainer will happily explain what's going on and work with you to alleviate concerns. It sounds like that's exactly what you've got!