Friday, November 27, 2009

Last Lesson of the Year

I had my last lesson of the year this morning. Jane is going away for about two months so I had two lessons this week. Today was a bad day. For some reason I was very nervous today. I don't know why. This frustrates me to no end. On Wednesday when I rode Sam was horrid - rushing not listening, spooky and it didn't bother me. I just sat through it all but for some reason this morning I was in a bad place inside.

We started off in the round yard and did relaxing exercises. Concentrated on my position. Sam really couldn't go any where so I didn't have to worry about him I could just think about breathing, relaxing my shoulders, arms, my neck. We worked in there for about 45min. Jane wanted to ride with me out in the big paddock. I really didn't want to go out there but knew I had too. We walked down with no problems. Jane's horse was playing up a lot and once again Sam just watched! We went up to an end that Sam and I have problems with and worked the horses around there. Up and down gullies, over small logs. I even trotted Sam over a few small logs. He could walk over them they were that small but I haven't trotted him over ones yet so that gave me a boost. I then pushed him up into one of his wonderful slow comfortable canters.

Sam of course was a gentleman and helped calm me down a lot. All in all it was a good lesson and I am glad I pushed through it. It was great because as we walked home Jane cantered off in front of us. Sam didn't even raise his head he just kept walking. What more could you ask for!!!

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Anonymous said...

Sam is a wonderful boy to help you work through your nervousness - you are very lucky to have such a great horse!