Friday, July 1, 2011

More opinions please

We have a monthly magazine over here called Horse Deals. It is our 'bible'. Every month my neigbour and I pour over it, seeing what is for sale, looking at new saddlery and dreaming. I have found a few and rung up about them. I would love your opinions!

Number 1:

16hh 4yo Warmblood gelding Broken in at the beginning of the year. Never bucked during breaking. Quiet, green with training, very willing, has been out on trail rides. Hasn't been to Adult Riding Club or Competition. Being sold as owner is now pregnant.
This video footage is the latest so shows where he is up to with his training - concerns - video has been altered and no canter shown
This footage is earlier in his training with some canter but not a lot and in a round yard.
This footage shows him being handled - take a look at his confirmation, has he got a ewe neck? He seems weak in his hind end?
Him just running around

He is about 4 1/2 hours away so a bit of travel.

No 2: The owner was given this horse by its breeders - The Northern Warmblood Stud, for payment for her working there. He is 16.2hh 5yo warmblood gelding. She had him broken in and on the second day of being under saddle was taken out into the bush under saddle. Has done a lot of bush riding, seen kangaroos, goannas, sheep, cattle and hasn't battered an eye lid at any of it. Also has been taken to a few shows to see the sights and sounds and placed in all his hunter hack classes. Hasn't had a huge amount of work due to his age.
Currently stabled at night and out during the day and in work about 3 times a week. His flaw, when he was 1 day old he got a thorn in his eye. He is now can not see long distance but since it happened at a young age he knows no difference and hasn't bothered him. The owner said that he has never shown it to bother him. The eye is slightly cloudy. If I like him I would have It checked by a vet during the vet check.
He is located about 2.5hrs away.

These two are the main ones so far. i am hoping to get out to meet Deliha next weekend. She is about 5hrs away so I am trying to line up other horses while I am over that way.

I would love your opinions.


Frizzle said...

First horse -- adorable! I really don't like how he's being ridden, as he's such a greenie and the rider is way too into getting a "head-set" and he gets behind the bit quite a lot. He looks very, very bouncy! Not that that's a bad thing, it just depends on your personal preference. He is a definite greenie, but if you feel able to handle that, he's definitely worth a look. Yes, he has a bit of a ewe neck, but that's not a deal-breaker in my book (and maybe it's exacerbated by the riding!). He's definitely a cute boy.

Second horse sounds very nice, as well -- he certainly has a lot more miles/experience on him. As for the eye, well, that probably isn't a huge deal. I know of a horse with one eye who shows hunter/jumpers quite successfully, as do a lot of one-eyed horses. And he still has his eye, lol. Again, he's definitely worth a look.

It will ultimately come down to a combination of which horse YOU like/feel comfortable with and which one your trainer feels is a good match for your riding abilities and goals.

Good luck!

Marissa said...

Both horses are cute, but I think Horse #2 would be better suited to what you are looking for. I don't love the fact that the first horse has never been taken to a show. At his age, he should probably at least have gone to a show once or twice just to have a look around. Good luck with the search!

SprinklerBandit said...

I like #2 better for you. I showed a horse that was blind in one eye and she was great.

Nina said...

Thanks guys, we are all on the same page and I love that. I was leaning towards no 2 a little more myself. I will keep you posted on how it all goes!

Frizzle said...

How is a 4 year old who has never been to a show a bad thing? Maybe you misread and thought he was 16 (??).