Saturday, July 2, 2011


Little Poppy has her first combo! She looks so cute!!!!!
Then I tried to get Poppy and Jack together but because Poppy chases Jack you can imagine he was very nervous being asked to sit next to her - then this happened................Mum, she's looking at me!!!!!!
I am turning Sam out for a break. It is too cold to ride when I get home after work and I am sure he will enjoy having some time out. I am just waiting for my neighbour as she is going to turn out her good Campdrafter with him.
This is a photo of Sam in his winter woollies,
Here is Sam whispering sweet nothings into Poppy's ear :)
Our cat Wilbur likes to cuddle up in our wardrobe during the day now that it is so cold
I was driving home the other day and I saw an Echidna crossing the road, they are very cute in their own way so I pulled over and got some photos. He came really close to me,

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