Tuesday, July 19, 2011

No more Fred :(

No Fred :(

The owner isn't really negiotable on his price and he doesn't believe he is in poor condition. I can't justify the amount of money he is asking due to the time and money it will take to get Fred into good order so I said thank you but I wouldn't being buying Fred.

He wasn't very happy.

So the search is back on! I am travelling up to Brisbane (about 1400kms north!) to see my Dad in 2 weeks so I am seeing if there are any horses on the way that I can look at.

Thank you for all opinions about Fred - please watch this space for more ponies!!!!!!

In the mean time have a little dream with me! :)

Happy riding!

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Kate said...

Sorry it didn't work out but you were probably right to stick to your guns - there is a good horse out there waiting for you - you just have to fine him/her!