Sunday, June 19, 2011

And we're back........

And we're back.........

Sorry about the long absence but I just haven't been in the right frame of mind to blog. I have been keeping track of all of you and you are all progressing so well!

Sam's training is really coming along but his lameness is now slowly progressing. Won't be long now when he will be a trail pony only. He is good for our lessons due to the sand arena. At home on the hard ground it is a different story. We need to work out in the back paddock where we can work on a bigger circle.

Today in our lesson we started leg yielding. We both got it in the end!

I have been looking at horses for sale. Not something I overly enjoy doing but it must be done. I found a lovely Irish Draught gelding named Fred but my instructor didn't like him, so I keep looking!

I am making the trip to meet Deliha. A warmblood/arab cross mare, 12yo, 16.2hh. You can view a video of her on here. She seems sweet but we are questioning soundness as she looks slightly uneven on the footage we think. The footage is very old and she has progressed with her training since it was taken.

This is an email I received from her owner:
Basically she's a truly lovely big girl with a heart of gold which is why
she must must must go to a loving home, I've including one photo of a guy
riding her, just to show she goes in stock saddle, western saddle etc this
was at a ground school demonstration which she excels at. She's fantastic to
shoe, float, rug etc loves grooming and being made pretty. She's triple
registered so can compete in ag shows, dressage, arab shows, hunter show
classes etc. She has no vices (accept may squeal like a pig when in season
but only occasionally) she's great to take out, can compete on her then
she's happy to tie up at the float. Been out on roads, trails etc.

She's been to heaps of clinics, training days, comps and has perfect manners
to take out. Great to ride in warm up areas, indoors etc.

I paid more for her four years ago and she's had a lot of training on since
then however its more important that she goes to a wonderful home as it's
been a hard decision to part with her. I have also got photos of her as a
foal (truly gorgeous and all her vaccinations certificate for EI as well) let
me know if there's anything else you'd like to know.

She's only for sale due to my work commitments however if she doesn't sell
it isn't a problem as she's a lovely horse to have around.

So lets see what she is like.


Kate said...

Sorry to hear about Sam's soundness issues - but at least he'll have a good lifetime home with you. The possible new mare looks interesting . . .

Wolfie said...

Sad to hear about Sam. :-(

Nina said...

Thanks guys, Sam will have a very relaxing lifelong home with me. I am sure he will enjoy being a trail horse more than a dressage pony!!!!