Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Poor little Sam

I had the day off work today so I went out to see and ride Sam. We had a nice ride. After the ride I left him down at the stables as he has found some hay to eat. I had left his lead rope swung over his back like I usually do and raced off to clean his paddock. He normally doesn't like being left alone down there so I left all the gates open so he could come and find me if he wanted to. I could still partly see his furry bum from the paddock anyway.

I had only been gone for about 2min when I hear him calling out. I yell back that I am coming but wondering why on earth he hasn't just come and found me. I wander back and there he is, standing there looking at me. The lead rope had slid off his back. Normally if he stands on it he has a little panic attack. He has slowly been teaching himself how to ground tie (I like this idea). So there is his little face, ears pricked forward looking expectantly at his mum to come and save him! It really was very cute.

Sam was due for worming today so after I had given him his paste - which he really didn't like - I tried to bribe him with a handful of pellets into liking me again. This is a horse who enjoys his food and just loves treats. Nope, he couldn't possibly eat those pellets. I took him back to his paddock and left him with his all time favorite - HAY!!!!! The look on his face was one of 'oh I guess I could eat the hay if you really wanted me too!' :o)

He really is a comical little fellow!!!!! Got to love him for that!


SprinklerBandit said...

How cute that he waited for you. My girl would just deal with her problem and move on. He must really like you. ;-)

Nina said...

I am sure if I took too long to get there I am sure he would have done something but yeah I think he likes me. If he is upset because all the horses disappear he generally calms down when he sees me. I like that. Don't get me wrong he can still get upset in new situations but generally tries really hard to hold it together. He will at least stand still beside me and look around. I like that and respect that.

Marissa said...

How funny. Tucker can't stand being by himself in turnout. He must have a buddy, and I am no consolation whatsoever. Four legged friends only, he says, two legs just won't cut it!