Saturday, August 1, 2009

Lovely Ride and Jack is bailed up by Mr Mittens

Our ride out was a lot calmer today. We turned left instead of right and we did a lot of turing back towards home and then turning around and heading away from home again. I also rode back home and walked straight past the driveway and did that a few times. Even managed short trots heading away from home which is great progress for us. He didn;t want to go home so I just did some work out on the road at the walk.

Finally he was happy to go home so we went and did some work in the riding area. He was soft and foward. We even got to have a canter both reins. I had to get up into a 2 point seat to drive him on but he was happy this way so I started to ask for a little bend, he gave me that! Called it a day.

Gave him a bath and ready to go to the beach tomorrow!!!!!

I went back out later with Scott and Jack to feed Sam. Poor little Jack was bailed up by Mr Mittens! This big dog beaten up by a little pussy cat! Mr Mittens has bobbed Sam on the nose before too. He is a bit of a bully!!!!!!

Mr Mittens

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Mittens looks like one tough dude!