Saturday, August 15, 2009

New hooves, holiday and float loading nightmare

What a big week! Sorry about the lack of posts but we are starting to get very busy with the big move.

Sam had a visit from the farrier on Monday. HE HAS FOUR NORMAL HOOVES!!!!!!!! So the move was so worth it. The amount he was able to trim was amazing. Sam lost a lot of sole this time and also held onto his shoes for 8 weeks. They were still on strong but starting to really grow so they had to be done. The farrier was very impressed! :o)

Because Sam finally had his hooves done we were able to move him today back out to where I used to keep him. He has gone back out there because I wanted him to have a holiday - he is in a 15 acre paddock with his best mate. They have played, galloped, groomed and eaten together. It was wonderful to watch.

Getting Sam onto the float to get him out there was a different story. We had our usual dramas. This week Jayne is going to help me with some float training.


Kate said...

Sounds like float training is needed - good luck with that!

Nina said...

Thanks! Yep a lot of float training will be happening!