Monday, September 5, 2011

Sam's Home!

I received no phone calls last night from the vet so I took that as a good sign. The vet phoned me at 8.20am to let me know that Sam did well through the night and showed no more upset signs. He did want to take bloods to check his kidney and liver. I was happy for them to do any test that they thought necessary. I confirmed that Sam could stay the day and I would pick him up at 4.30pm.

Sam was sleeping when I arrived. He had eaten his breakfast but hadn't really touched his dinner. The vet was a little concerned and offered to keep him for another night. I said that he will more than likely be fine as Sam can be picky with his feed and I wasn't too concerned about this. His blood work was basically clear but his white cell count was slightly low which meant that he had a very slight infection somewhere in his gut. They still have no idea what or why this happened. I am just happy that it was all caught early. Once again I was told he was a star patient, very body loves him!

Sam seemed ever so slightly down when I lead him out but then he probably hadn't been walked out at all so he was probably a little stiff after being stabled for over 24hours. He loaded well and we headed home. About 10km's from home the car decided to loose power. I had forgotten to change the fuel tanks over! I called my OH and he came out and rescued us!. I was impressed with Sam as he stayed reasonably calm while we waited. Trucks and cars were flying past and he didn't batter an eyelid as long as I was standing with him. He called out a few times when I had to try and start the car but he settled again.

When we got home I let me out in the native pasture paddock with Poppy. He had a good walk around, didn't want to play even though Poppy tried to engage him. He started to pick at the grass and I watched him have a drink. I went back out 2.5hrs later to bring them in and feed up. He tucked into his hard feed nicely. I rugged him up as the temperature has dropped and I have left the gate open tonight so he can graze at his will. I will probably check on him through the night but I think we were lucky!


Kate said...

I'm glad he's feeling somewhat better and was able to come home - that must be a relief!

eventer79 said...

Yay, so glad Sam is home and feeling better, whew!!