Thursday, September 1, 2011

Go Little Poppy!

Tonight I put a roller on Poppy for the first time. She didn't even flinch just watched me tighten the girth. I think she has been broken to harness before.

Firstly I lunged her with it on so she would hear the rings on it cling and clang, also to get her listening to my voice commands.

I then attached a lunge line to each side. I ran them through the rings on the roller and attached them to her bit. She was brilliant. Stopping is still a little issue, just takes her a while and she is leaning into the bit. I just asked verbally and put light pressure on the bit in a give and take motion.

It wasn't long until we were trotting figure of 8's and even trotting over trot poles! Sam decided to join in by cantering around, rearing and kicking out - just trying to get us to play with him really and she ignored him and kept focused on her job!

What a good little pony!

Sam looked a little left out so I took him out to give him a quick lunge and to see how lame he is. I see a few strides every now and again of him either stepping short or actually limping when he is carrying on out in the paddock. We did some ground work, moving off pressure, which he did very well, he was excited to get out on the lunge and showed me just how acrobatic he can be. Such a clever boy. The left was his bad rein before being turned out and he wasn't showing signs of being 'worse' with his pedal osteitis so I think he will be able to come back into work quite well. Arena work will be kept to a minimum but it was good to see.

I have been looking into transport companies for if I buy Darcy. So far I like the look of Southern Cross Horse Transport. I have asked for a quote, just so I know what I would be up for. I have also started to look at different equine vets located near him so I can organise a vet check quickly. I really hope Darcy is the one.

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