Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sam is having sleep over's

Poor little Sam is having sleep overs at the vet's tonight.

This morning I went out to put a rug on him as the rain started, he trotted back into his stable - precious can't get wet!!!! I rugged him up and offered him some hay - No Thank's Mum, so I made him his breakfast - No Thank's Mum. I wasn't hugely concerned at this stage as this isn't totally out of the norm for Sam. He is becoming picky with his feed. I left him and started cleaning the stables and yards but kept my eye on him. Over the next hour he sat down, lay down and stretched out 4 times. On the 4th sit down he started to look at his belly.

I rang the vet's and organised to take him straight in. They were ready and waiting for us when we arrived. Sam was a little bloated, with very little gut sounds. After an internal examination the vet found that his large intestine was sitting slightly lower than normal and had a very small twist. They put the tube up his nose and down into his stomach and poured some water in there. This was to help move anything if there was something blocking the way up further.

The vet wanted to keep him over night, just to observe him as he said Sam was at the point where it could all settle down or tip over the other way and twist further. I was more than happy to leave him there in their capable hands. It could also be a build up of gas! So we settled Sam into his stable. He has a friend next door to keep him company.

They will call if anything happens, otherwise I will hear from them in the morning and hopefully be able to pick him up after work tomorrow afternoon.

Poor little Sam but hopefully he will feel a lot better soon!


Kate said...

Hope he feels better soon - you were good to jump on it right away and get him veterinary attention.

Frizzle said...

Oh no! :-( Fingers crossed for a quick recovery for Sam. Glad you got him to the vet's quickly!